Suggestion System

Report has a basic suggestion system built in to it.


In order to get the Suggestion system working, you are required to set it up, including the 3 channels.

Normal Commands

In order to configure the suggestion system, you will need to enter the following command: /suggestconfig get

Options and Settings

The suggestion system has multiple options and settings, which can easily be set via commands.
Enable Suggestions
Disable Suggestions
/suggestconfig enable true
/suggestconfig enable false
Without the <>
Set the Suggestion Message
/suggestconfig message <Your Message Here>
Without the <>
/suggestconfig channel <#channel>
/suggestconfig approvechannel <#channel>
/suggestconfig denychannel <#channel>
Without the <>

Sending a Suggestion

Sending a suggestion is really easy. All your user would have to do is run the following command: /suggest <the suggestion here>
A message will then go to the Suggest Logs Channel, with a suggestion ID, that you (the moderators/admins) can interact with.
A Suggestion Example

Accepting & Denying Suggestions

Admins and Moderators can accept or deny suggestions.
This can be done as follows:
Accept a Suggestion
Deny a Suggestion
/suggestaccept <SuggestID>
/suggestdeny <SuggestID>
Replace the <SuggestID> with the suggestion id.
You need to have setup both the approvechannel and denychannel