Report System

The main feature of Report is the reporting obviously. Report now supports Slash Commands for easier use.


To get started, use any of the following configuration methods:

Normal Command

So interact with the setup the normal command way, just run: /reportconfig get

Options and Settings

The reporting system has multiple options and settings, which can be edited like the following:
Enable Reporting
Disable Reporting
/reportconfig enable true
/reportconfig enable false
Without the <>, just either of the options
Change the Report Log Channel
/reportconfig channel #channel
Remember to tag the channel!
Change the Report Log Message
/reportconfig mesage <Your Text Here>
Without the <>

Sending a Report

It is very easy to send in a Report, and you can either use normal commands or slash commands

Normal Commands

To send a report, all you would need to do, is type the following command: /report <Your Message Here>
Without the <>

Slash Commands

You can also use slash commands to send in a Report. See the example below:
The report slash command in action
Using slash commands is the preferred way, as you can now dismiss the confirmation message, like follows:
The report confirmation message